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From the Principal

Welcome to Eynesbury Primary, a school focused on the academic, social and emotional needs of our students, whose work is underpinned by a culture of high expectations for all.

Eynesbury Primary School is committed to the academic success of each child, informed by an instructional approach based on the best available evidence including a commitment to understanding how we learn. 

At Eynesbury Primary School, we aim to ensure that all students attain the knowledge, skills and learning traits necessary to foster a lifelong love of learning, as well as the capacity to engage critically and confidently within society.

Our teachers and education support staff work closely and collaboratively to maximise educational outcomes for every child.  As a team, we understand the importance of genuine connection within, among and beyond our school community and are therefore passionate about developing positive relationships with our students and their families.

As the founding Principal of Eynesbury Primary School, I feel privileged to lead this school on its journey to becoming an exemplar the community can invest great pride in.  I thank you for your interest in our school and encourage you to get in contact if you would like to find out more.


Phillip Coloca


Mission, Vision and Values


Our mission at Eynesbury Primary School is to ensure the learning and achievement of every child and to empower young people and their community to work together in this pursuit.


Eynesbury Primary School’s vision is for our students to become creative and critical thinkers, empowered to positively impact both their school and their community. They will work in partnership with their teachers to monitor their progress, identify their next point of challenge and collaborate positively with their peers. Eynesbury Primary School will maintain high expectations for all students, underpinned by an aspirational learning culture based on evidence, best practice and inclusion.


Eynesbury Primary School’s values are Excellence, Integrity, Community and Kindness:

  • We embrace high expectations for ourselves and our community and strive for excellence in all endeavours.
  • We act according to our values, demonstrating integrity through honesty and trust in each other.
  • We come together as a learning community of students, teachers and families in a way that represents the hopes and aspirations of the Eynesbury township.
  • We demonstrate kindness towards each other and to ourselves.

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